Hape(ハペ) グルメ キッチン スターターセット Gourmet Kitchen Starter Set E3103 5360aiohj82251-おもちゃ

Hape(ハペ) グルメ キッチン スターターセット Gourmet Kitchen Starter Set E3103 5360aiohj82251-おもちゃ

二次会 景品 5点セット ドローン おもちゃ 空撮 撮影 動画 カニ かに 黒毛和牛 ラーメン うまい棒 目録 パネル付 景品 ビンゴ 景品 結婚式 ゴルフコンペ 景品 アヴァシンの帰還 日本語版

【商品名】Hape(ハペ) グルメ キッチン スターターセット Gourmet Kitchen Starter Set E3103【カテゴリー】おもちゃ:調理器具・食器

Hape(ハペ) グルメ キッチン スターターセット Gourmet Kitchen Starter Set E3103

【カテゴリー】 おもちゃ:調理器具・食器


Product DescriptionThis Gourmet Kitchen Starter Set by Hape is a cookware, dinner and cutlery set in natural wood with orange water-based paint - the perfect toy set for getting a young chef started. A salt and pepper shaker set and tea towel make this a complete kitchen starter set. Contents include: two knives, two forks, one pot with lid, one frying pan, one cooking spoon, one spatula, two dishes, one salt and pepper set and one tea towel.2012 marks a new dawning for Educo, nearly 30 years after its conception, as it evolves and re-launches with a fresh new identity as Hape and a new refrain 'Love Play. Learn'. ‘We believe children do not play to learn; children learn because they play’. Their toys are created to inspire play, learning and exploration of the world we live in. Hape also believes that the future begins - and belongs - to our children. They feel it is their duty to leave them with infinite possibilities, not unsolvable problems. Hape work to very high standards and consider the environment at every stage in the development of their award winning toys. They use FSC accredited wood, carry out rigorous safety checks on every toy and promote fair and ethical working practices.Box Contains1 x Spatula1 x Cooking Spoon1 x Cooking Pot with Lid1 x Frying Pan2 x Dinner Plates2 x Knives2 x Forks1 x Salt1 x Pepper1 x Tea Towel

Hape(ハペ) グルメ キッチン スターターセット Gourmet Kitchen Starter Set E3103
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